27 thoughts on “You are trapped in a room with no windows or doors. You have a knife and an orange. How do you escape?

  1. It makes no sense, I have heard that riddle before so I knew the answer but it still doesn’t make sense… Find a better riddle

  2. …With a different interval of time, squeeze the orange on the ground. Ant will come to eat. Then dig the soft ground with help of the knife.

  3. It is soooooo funny how you guys think that somebody is just going to sit
    and watch people build a room around them!? ? ? ?

  4. This riddle was stupid. I understand it’s supposed to be a joke like, “Oh hey just add the pieces of a whole orange to make it a whole, hold it against the wall and BOOM! There’s a hole in the wall.” But yet how do u cLimb through a hole that’s the size of an orange? There is just NO common sense in this riddle.?

  5. There is no doors or windows bt those places are exist where we can fix the doors and windows. So we can easily escape from there

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