13 thoughts on “A pizza weighs ten pounds plus half its own weight. How much does the pizza weigh?

  1. 20 pounds p=pizza
    p-1/2p=10 multiply everybody by 2 to lose the fraction
    2p-p=20 pull out the p
    p x 1 = 20

  2. Lets say x is half the total weight and y is the total:
    10 + x = y and since its 10 plus half the total; x= y/2 or 2x = y
    10 + x = 2x
    10 = 2x – x
    10 = x
    Since x represents half the total weight (and x = 10) the total is 20.

    1. Nope, 20 is correct!
      The question is tricky I agree!

      Half its own weight is the key.

      Figure, if the pie weighed 20 pounds, the question is, it weighed 10 pounds PLUS half its OWN weight. Half of 20 is 10, plus the 10 it already stated.

      May not be explaining clearly, but after hours of my insisting 15, I read the question again.
      Guess that is why it is a riddle!

      1. So if the total weight is 20 then half of 20 is 10. They started off at 10 pounds plus half it’s own weight, if the answer is 20 then you will be adding 10 pounds to 10 pounds. I’m sorry if you still don’t get it but I tried

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