43 thoughts on “A man is able to contact his long lost brother who has never met. They agree to meet. When the brother arrives he is able to instantly pick him out from the crowd. How is that possible?

  1. this riddle is old before cellphones my dad told me this whin i was a kid its because he is very tall. if you go somewhere like a fairgrounds you can het lost because there is a lot of people and he has a photo of him.

  2. Because it said his long lost brother in a crowd, so his brother was lost in the crowd which is the family and the riddle also said that the brother was long which means tall so he is the only tall person

  3. That man is able to contact his brother. So when they will meet in crowd, he will simply call him and ask him to give any identity so that he can approach him

  4. Three twins are a born. One of them got lost in a random city. Since they all are twins, the man could find his brother easily

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